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Chang Chou Optical Technology

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our polycarbonate progressive lenses

Chang chou supply lenses

1. Super Thin Finished Single vision

2.Photochromic polycarbonate ophthalmic lenses(single vision and semi-finished)

@minu lenses center 1.3mm
@plus lenses edge 1.3mm

Diameter 70mm minus(-)
on minus spherical 0 to -10.00D
on minus cylinder 0 to -4.00D

Diameter 65mm Plus(+) ( aspheric lens design)
on plus spherical 0 to +4.00D
on minus cylinder 0 to -4.00D

Good Quality for you

AR coating + EMI + Antifoil coating


Chang Chou Optical Technology Co., LTD.
18, 1ST SEC, Cheng-Pei RD., Yung Kang City, Tainan Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C
TEL: 886-6-2547817
FAX: 886-6-2549943
Mobile: 886-939986075
24hr servic for you